I am using Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS, Xenial with KDE. System is in German, I have Cherry Keyboard in German layout and I can't use IntelliJ keyboard shortcut.

For example, with "Comment with Block Comment" Ctrl+Shift+/, this combo doesn't work with German layout. I tried to change Keymap in IntelliJ as in screenshot, but nothing works

enter image description here

Any suggestions much appreciated .

  • In 18.04 and Gnome it happens as well. – Gonzalo Matheu Dec 26 '18 at 13:01

This seems to be an old issue in IntelliJ: Keyboard layout stop switching sometimes

The current workaround is to change Input Sources order in Settings -> Region & Language and put your desired layout first. No IntelliJ restart required.


I had the same issue (under Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome) and resolved it by uninstalling the english keyboard layout. I went to settings -> region & languages . There I had both, the German Layout and the English Layout as input sources. I removed the English input source.

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This can happen if you use Ctrl+Shift in OS as layout change keys combination, for example.

Try using Left Ctrl+Left Shift to separate OS and Intellij key listeners. In this case more general Ctrl+Shift+/ will work for the right side keys combination in IDE: Right Ctrl+Right Shift.


In my case, I had a issue with just useing the Right Ctrl for commenting for example.

Since I use ubuntu in Oracle VM Virtual Box, the Right Ctrl is set as a hotkey for VBox so it's not working in other programs such as Intellij. I changed the setting in Oracle VBox and then Right Ctrl worked properly.

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