Network configuration:

'Wireless is disabled by hardware switch' 'Enable wireless' is disabled and I can not enable it

When I press Super+F2 - no results. Wifi is not fires on a pad.

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    Well... stating the obvious, is your wireless disabled by the hardware switch? Press the wireless button on your computer and find out. – William Feb 4 '12 at 12:34

Had the same experience. I disabled wireless (in Ubuntu's network manager) and then was unable to re-enable it. Fn+F2 doesn't do anything inside Ubuntu; I needed to reboot Windows to re-enable wireless, where Fn+F2 behaved as expected.


I had the same problem, this fixed it for me:

sudo modprobe iwlagn power_level=5
sudo modprobe btusb reset=1
sudo rfkill unblock all

Then disable and re-enable wifi with fn+f2. After that, fn+f2 works, bluetooth can be disabled without disabling wifi, and wifi can be re-enabled after it is disabled.


I had the same problem with the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (i.e. Ubuntu pre-installed). A workaround was to reboot, but it only helped when I first pressed Fn+F2 again (so that it should work) and then re-booted.


The Intel wireless driver module appears to have been renamed. Try replacing iwlagn with iwlwifi like so:

sudo modprobe iwlagn power_level=5

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