the Nvidia card of my system:enter image description here

I want to use graphics card for my tensorflow and I have installed and re-installed again but tensorflow is not using GPU and I have also installed my Nvidia drivers but when I run nvidi-smi then a command is not found

my secure boot is disabled I have set nouveau=0

  • There are two problems. First, your tensorflow is cpu version. You should install gpu version by pip install -U tensorflow-gpu. Second, you haven't installed CUDA. You should install CUDA from here. – Ping Chu Hung Mar 8 '18 at 9:26

For future reference, please consider adding the text from your terminal to your question post.

Install the GPU version of TensorFlow, by doing

sudo pip install tensorflow-gpu.

However, you should have CUDA installed for the TF-GPU to use your GPU. You may download CUDA from here. I recommend you to use CUDA 9.0 with TensorFlow 1.7

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