When I login I'm presented with only my desktop wallpaper.

Context menu works, I can open terminal and open other apps from there, but there is no basic things like dash and panel at the top.

The issue looks similar to this one, however in my case GUI doesn't work only for a particular user, I have the second account which doesn't have this problem, it also works in guest session. I also tried applying this answer but it didn't help (when I rerun ccsm the Unity Plugin shown as switched off - may be that's the issue).

Last thing that I've done before the issue appeared was installing updates offered by the system through UI.

To be more specific I have the following setup:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Linux 4.4.0-116-generic #140Ubuntu SMP
  • Unity 7.4.5

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I managed to make it work by resetting compizconfig.

The following commands:

mv ~/.cache/compizconfig-1 ~/.cache/compizconfig-backup

setsid unity

together with logout solved my problem.

Attention: This removes your custom Unity setup.

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