In unity, does anyone know a shortcut to display the preview of all workspaces (as if you clicked the button of the workspaces on the dock)?

I sometimes would like to have an overview of which desktops are already occupied or not before moving to another desktop. So far, to achieve that, I have to click on the button of the workspaces (on the dock).

I am currently using an Ubuntu VM on a Mac OS X host.


Use Super+S. You can find (and change) the shortcut using the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm), under Desktop > Expo > Expo Key.

  • I have edited my question. I forgot to say that I am using an Ubuntu VM on a Mac OS. Command + S doesn't seem to work: it opens a window to show the current snapshots. In fact, Command + S is a shortcut of the hypervisor I am using. – user313885 Mar 7 '18 at 15:56
  • Do you have the CompizConfig Settings Manager installed? If yes, you can see which shortcut it defines, and change it. If you don't have ccsm you can install it with sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager. – Thedot Mar 7 '18 at 16:04
  • CompizConfig actually reports me that the shortcut related to Expo Key is <Super>s. I am not sure which key is the super key on the Mac. I suppose it should be "command", but it isn't working (as I said above). – user313885 Mar 7 '18 at 16:28

to view all workspace : ctrl + alt + upperArrowKey

to switch between workspaces ctrl + alt + left|right-arrow-key

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