rhythmbox never added my music. I thought it might be something wrong with the mp3 plugin, but vlc and the default movie player can play the mp3s. I uninstalled rhythmbox and reinstalled in case it was a discovery issue on startup.

So in desperation, I installed deepin. That does not work either. It now appears that neither one can see my music directory.

I have / mounted on an SSD and /big mounted on a large drive neither program can see the drive.

Sure enough, when I copy to the main drive, rhythmbox can see the files.

There are no special permissions on these files. They are owned by me. How does rhythmbox not work with /big/Music ?


Neither Rhythmbox or deepin can handle symbolic links. When clicking on /home/user/Music -> /big/user/Music it does not behave the same even though the file requester follows the links. By clicking on computer/big/user/Music it finds the directory.

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