How to synchronize ratings and last played data from digital audio players and Rythmbox? (open to other software, open to building a script too, but I'm hoping there's an easy way out!)

I used use iTunes' smart playlists that would only include unrated and top rated songs to sync to my iPod. If I rated a song with 1 star, the smart playlist would exclude that song, and it would be dropped from the iPod on the next sync.

I would like to do something like this in Ubuntu. Are there any digital audio players (mp3 players) and software available for Ubuntu users that does this?

I saw Rythmbox has the ability to rate songs, but it didn't sync the ratings or playback times from my iPod. It's a good one-way sync, but I would really like two-way syncing so I can kick my iTunes/iPod habit. I am looking at the Astell & Kern AK Jr., the new Sony Walkmans, the Fiio units that use bluetooth so I can listen to the music while I'm driving and rate them as I listen to them.

Can't tell if any of these have the ability to rate songs either.

Would really appreciate feedback from anyone else out there that likes to .

I'm open to using an Android phone (and you're going to hate me. I use a Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950 and like it a lot). I have a bunch of android phones lying around my house.

Thanks, Paul

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