I'm trying to set a keyboard shortcut for notify-send $(fortune) but when I activate it, it just sends a notification that says $(fortune) instead of actually giving a fortune. Note that if I run it in the terminal, it works as intended (i.e. sends a notification with the result of fortune). This seems to imply that when the keyboard shortcut is activated, it isn't interpreting it as a bash command, but rather as simply running the program notify-send with argument $(fortune).

How do I get it to interpret it correctly?

Note that I've tried putting it in a shell script and doing sh ~/tell-fortune.sh, but that doesn't work either.


$(...) is a shell feature, and the keyboard shortcut command is not run in a shell.

Try this instead:

sh -c 'notify-send $(fortune)'

As for sh tell-fortune.sh, without giving the full path to tell-fortune.sh, where would sh look for it?

As for sh ~/tell-fortune.sh, ~ is also a shell feature, without a shell, it will look for a file at the relative path ~/tell-fortune.sh, where ~ is taken as-is.

  • So just use the absolute path? – PyRulez Mar 6 '18 at 22:14

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