I am trying to make Chinese input work in Ubuntu 17.10. I installed the language but the input doesn't work.

Current configuration for the input method:

  • Active configuration: ibus (normally missing)
  • Normal automatic choice: ibus (normally ibus or fcitx or uim)
  • Override rule:
  • Current override choice: (en_US)
  • Current automatic choice: ibus
  • Number of valid choices: 3 (normally 1)
  • The override rule is defined in /etc/default/im-config.
  • The configuration set by im-config is activated by re-starting X.
  • Explicit selection is not required to enable the automatic configuration if the active one is default/auto/cjkv/missing.
  • Available input methods: ibus fcitx xim

Unless you really need them all, please make sure to install only one input method tool.

  • Did you add a Chinese input method, such as SunPinyin? – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Mar 4 '18 at 23:55

If you want use Chinese input on ubuntu:

  1. In Language Support > Install/RemoveLanguages add Chinese
  2. Install ibus framework

    sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-clutter ibus-gtk ibus-gtk3 ibus-qt4
  3. Start ibus framework

    sudo im-config -s ibus
  4. Install ibus-pinyin

    sudo apt-get install ibus-pinyin
  5. Configure

    Settings > Region & Language > Input Source

    Click + and click Chinese and click Chinese(pinyin)

  6. Restart, Done!

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