I installed the latest Eclipse as per the instructions here, and the icon shows fine in the launcher, but shows as a blank icon with an exclamation mark when using ALT+TAB to switch between applications. Should I copy the eclipse.xpm file to another folder other than usr/share/pixmaps/ so the switcher can see it, or what should I do?

Image: Switching between apps with ALT+TAB:
Image: Switching between apps with ALT+TAB
versus launcher icons:
launcher icons


Open the .desktop file associated with Eclipse. Add the following line to the file and save the file:

  • Also works on Debian Buster. Please consider linking to some documentation that explains why this works and how to find what should be added in the .desktop file for other cases. – Olivier Cailloux Aug 19 at 10:06
  • 1
    @olivier Please refer to this answer. – pomsky Aug 19 at 10:21

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