The last versions of Ubuntu allow to download updates during the installation process.

Is it possible to configure a PPA to fetch updates instead of using the default repositories?

E. g. configure the Kubuntu backports PPA when installing Kubuntu 11.10 to get KDE4.8 during the installation process.

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No, there is no there is no option like this in the Ubuntu installer (ubiquity) and I'm quite sure there is nothing like this in the alternate installer as well.


I believe your confusing things a bit. By default the highest version from all repo's is installed. You can set preferences to prefer one repository over another by using apt-pinning. Synaptic makes this very easy for you to do in a gui setting:

sudo apt-get install synaptic

On the menu after starting Settings->Preferences->Distrubution. Change to prefer versions from the kubuntu backports ppa.

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