After a crash probably relating to Firefox and or Suspend on a Ubuntu 14.04LTS install, Crash Reporter said that it was due to Apport and that Upgrade Status is "No upgrade log present (probably a fresh install)."

Well I'm unsure that this old install should reasonably be suggesting this. Suspicious or anything?

What say you?

  • If this was a 12.04 or 13.10 that was release-upgraded to 14.04, then the string is inaccurate. Does not seem suspicious. – user535733 Mar 1 '18 at 20:33

This refers to the installation of your operating system, not updates or "upgrades" to your installed programs. If you fresh-installed 14.04, you'll see this. If you upgraded your operating system from a prior version, you'll see something different.

apport is the name of the error reporting program itself.

  • Thanks, Organic Marble. Perfectly understood my concerns and pitched your answer precisely and fully. – Little me Mar 2 '18 at 10:08

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