I'm using Vagrant and some ansible scripts to provision an Ubuntu 16.04 server image on my Windows 10 computer that is joined to a domain. I want to log into the VM using the same credentials as I log into the Windows 10 computer, however, I don't have permissions on the domain to join the VM to it (and also, I want to be able to destroy and rebuild the VM on a whim, and not need to keep jumping through hoops to join it).

Ideally, I "just" want to do an LDAP authentication attempt to login to the box, but I don't know how to do it with the ldap-auth-client?

I have read articles such as LDAPClientAuthentication | Ubuntu Community Help Wiki and SingleSignOn | Ubuntu Community Help Wiki but both of these assume you'll be integrating into the AD, whereas I'm just looking for an LDAP lookup.

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