I have webspace and develop locally. When I have finised, I want to synchronize using FTP with SSL/TLS (I do not mean openssh's sftp/scp) with my webhoster (with no ssh access so also no rsync or similar) using a simple command; that is to say it should only upload/delete the changes. I do not want to open a FTP client with or without a GUI and manually upload and delete files on the remote site.

I know that sitecopy does it but not over SSL for FTP (it does SSL over Webdav).

Do you have a hint for this (special?) usecase since I have not found any tool.


weex can be used for that purpose. I could not find it using search engines but via https://packages.debian.org/sid/web/sitecopy and the "similar packages" section on the right. It is interesting that https://packages.ubuntu.com/artful/sitecopy does not mention weex!

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