I managed it to install openVPN on a virtual host and the connection works great, but I am not able to use the internet through the openvpn server (it s only possible to ping the servers ip).

How can I configure the OpenVPN server to access the internet? I enabled ip-forwarding, but I don't know how the

pull "route xxxxxxxxxx" 

command exactly works. I should enter the local ip and subnet, but how can I get it? I only know the server's static IP.

thanks in advance


One solution would be to run a proxy on the server which is providing the openvpn connection. E.g.: Your openvpn network is on the 10.0.0.x subnet and your openvpn server does have the ip Then you could run a tinyproxy instance listening on Then you openvpn client just have to set the proxy (in Firefox, IE, ...) to

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