I downloaded Hollow Knight from Steam and at first everything was OK, but today after playing for some minutes, it shuts down. I don't even know where to begin diagnosing the problem. My laptop is Acer Aspire V17 Nitro, with Nvidia 960M 4GB, and have Ubuntu 16.04 installed on it. I'm playing it on my TV by using it as a second monitor. It was fine and played nice before, but this problem started today. I appreciate any help

PS. If it's any help, it also shuts down hard shortly after I connect a USB type-C hub to it, even without connecting any devices. I'm suspecting some power settings probably at the kernel aren't optimized somehow.

  • Does it happen repeatedly? – user3430996 Feb 28 '18 at 12:17
  • What do your logs say? – user535733 Feb 28 '18 at 13:16
  • @user3430996 Yes.I tried playing without using the TV, it lasted longer but it still shut down. I'll try later with the Intel integrated graphics and see how it goes. – Eyob Feb 28 '18 at 15:00
  • @user535733 How do I extract logs? – Eyob Feb 28 '18 at 15:00
  • Locating and reading logs has been asked and answered already. – user535733 Feb 28 '18 at 17:03

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