I've changed my alt and ctrl keys in order to have the same keyboard layout as I do on my mac.

Ever since then I can't use the abort Terminal command (previosly without any remapping ctrl+c). In the Terminal preferences I can pretty much remap anything I want (Copy, Paste, New Window, etc.) however I could not find a way to remap the abort function.

I've already tried tweaking the dconf setting manually by escape='<Alt>c' but it didn't work either.

Is there any way to remap the abort command?

  • maybe this question would help. Not sure if it is a 100% duplicate though. – Aserre Feb 28 '18 at 11:28
  • It helps partially. I could remap it to stty intr ^i which would help but I don't know how I can use the alt key. – Niklas Feb 28 '18 at 12:10
  • stty intr "[c" will work but then I can't paste correctly anymore and other things are not working as planned. – Niklas Mar 1 '18 at 11:36

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