I installed KDE plasma and I removed it but I am not getting my desktop environment now. I installed gnome again but it does not default.please help me how can I remove KDE completely and set gnome as default DE?


You can check for the plasma-desktop dependencies like this sudo apt depends plasma-desktop | grep Depends | cut -f2 -d: >> plasma-desktop-dependencies.txt and can manually remove them by creating list of those and applying sudo apt remove listed_packages and then just install the ubuntu-desktop as it is a ready made gnome desktop environment. Or try apt remove plasma-desktop && apt autoremove && apt install ubuntu-desktop

which will remove kde components and install the Ubuntu-gnome desktop with lightdm and to make sure to use lightdm as dm, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and it supposed to pop up a window to choose between DMs, choose lightdm and edit $HOME/.dmrc and set


to have gnome as default DE.

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