I want do these in terminal:

  • eject DVD-RW
  • Check DVD disc blank or not
  • Burn DVD if it blank (with any name I give)

But when I burn DVD with command sudo wodim dev=/dev/sr0 -v -data /path/to/data/ I cannot choose the disc name. I burn a DVD and open it, I saw the disc name is CD-ROM. How can I set disc name? And I don't want create ISO file because my data files is big!

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  • Thanks @David Foerster! My question just is "Can i set disc name when burn DVD via terminal?" But i'm not well in English, i'm sorry. I just want find way to burn data to dvd with my disc name. :D If that not enought i can delete this and create another post but i think it not need because i bad in English and i'm sorry about it, again. Thank you! – Hữu Tuấn Anh Feb 27 '18 at 8:58
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genisoimage has a -V option that specifies a volume label for the ISO. You can use this program to create ISOs for the data you want to burn and let wodim work with the images.

-V volid
    Specifies the volume ID (volume name or  label)  to  be  written
    into  the  master  block.   There  is  space  for 32 characters.
    Equivalent to VOLI in the .genisoimagerc file.  The volume ID is
    used  as  the mount point by the Solaris volume manager and as a
    label assigned to a disc on various other platforms such as Win‐
    dows and Apple Mac OS.

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