i installed Ubuntu os on my 32gb usb stick, but when i boot up it show the size only 26gb not 32gb, i dont want to format and install again. any idea how to fix this?

enter image description here


To show the disk spaces and sizes of all disk ================================================= Use Ubuntu Live USB:

There are commands to do this :

Terminal :

Some examples :

  1. lislblockdevices:

  2. parted:

    sudo parted -l
  3. fdisk:

    sudo fdisk -l
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  • hi, i see there is a new disk called lvm, about 3.9gb "ubuntu--vg-swap_1 253:1 0 3.9G 0 lvm [SWAP]". I think i accidentally clicked lvm when installing ubuntu os. is this fine should i just leave it there? – Reivax Feb 25 '18 at 22:34
  • Please don't post screenshots of text. Copy the text here and apply code formatting instead. – muru Feb 26 '18 at 6:24
  • Edited my post. Fixed. – An0n Feb 28 '18 at 19:53

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