i run this script fine from terminal, from a .sh file:

xdotool search --class chromium set_desktop_for_window %@ 4 &
wmctrl -r \"chromium\-browser\" -t 4 &
xdotool search --class gnote set_desktop_for_window %@ 0 &
wmctrl -r "gnote" -t 0 &
xdotool search --class caja set_desktop_for_window %@ 1 &
wmctrl -r "caja" -t 1 &
xdotool search --class conky set_desktop_for_window %@ 8 &
wmctrl -r "conky" -t 8 &
xdotool search --class psensor set_desktop_for_window %@ 8 &
wmctrl -r "psensor" -t 8 &
xdotool search --class mate-volume-control set_desktop_for_window %@ 8 &
wmctrl -r "mate-volume-control" -t 8 &

but when i run it from a startup script file (from a command line like “bash ~/.movetoworkspaces.sh”), or having it opening another terminal window (like “mate-terminal -e "bash ~/.movetoworkspaces.sh"”), it simply doesn‘t work

the startup script works fine on running all those applications, but both xdotool and wmctrl simply doesn’t work there, neither from the startup script, or from another script

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