I am using Xubuntu 17.10. I am really annoyed by the corner functions of the touchpad. I want to disable them permanently.

So I came across the synclient command. However, the command is obviously reset every time I restart.

So I wanted them to stick. However, it didn't work I also tried this. I finally grew exasperated and tried to put in session and startup which failed. It did n't work.

What should I do?


Finally, found the right solution after a lot of searching and trial and error. The sleep command is crucial. It waits for the synclient to load. I so far put it to 100 seconds of waiting time before running the command. Perhaps, a shorter wait time could work but for now it

/usr/bin/synclient RTCornerButton="0"
/usr/bin/synclient RTCornerButton="0"
/usr/bin/synclient RBCornerButton="0"
/usr/bin/synclient TapButton3="0"
/usr/bin/synclient TapAndDragGesture="0"

Alternatively, xinput can be used and the command can be inserted in the startup however, an example is as follows to disable the middle button

xinput set-button-map "11" "1" "1" "1"

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