I tried to change the ownership of two folders with the following commands:

chown -v lfs $LFS/tools
chown -v lfs $LFS/sources

At the time the commands succeeded as I saw a message saying the change had been done. Sometime later I checked to see if lfs was indeed the owner, with this command:

sudo ls -ld /mnt/LFS/sources

and got the following answer:

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 fev 24 17:39 /mnt/LFS/sources

Thinking that I might have to repeat the chown command, i did:

sudo chown -v lfs $LFS/tools
ownership of '/tools' retained as lfs

Now, as far as I understand it, have chown telling me that the owner is lfs and ls -ls saying that the owner is root.

The folders are in a external drive disk with a ext4 file system.

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    Check the value of your $LFS variable. At one point you say chown ... $LFS/tools and the error message reports /tools in turn, suggesting that $LFS is empty there. – egmont Feb 24 '18 at 20:36
  • You were right it was empty. I did, again, export LFS=/mnt/lfs and checked if it "stuck". I tried again, sudo chown -v lfs $LFS/tools, and now I get this message: chown: cannot access '/mnt/lfs/tools': No such file or directory failed to change ownership of '/mnt/lfs/tools' to lfs I did this while located in the /tools folder, so I have no idea why this happening. – user3710626 Feb 24 '18 at 20:53

Solved. I just wrote the full path instead of $LFS. Still don't know why I keep loosing the export value, but that is another queation.

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