I have installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04.4 LTS. Then I did the following to install Dropbox:

  1. I installed caja-dropbox package to it.

    During installation of caja-dropbox proprietary part was downloaded (DropBox v.43.4.50), then it opened Firefox for authentication, after it opened Caja in ~/Dropbox folder. Also it shown icon in notification area/tray.

  2. I clicked on systemtray icon, selected Preferences->General and checked Start Dropbox on system start-up and rebooted.

  3. After reboot I do not have Dropbox icon in tray, it does not have desktop-file in XDG autostart (~/.config/autostart).

What should I do to make Dropbox autostart with system on MATE?


After having 15-minutes of googling I found solution (see launchpad bug 1604439).

The solution:

caja-dropbox autostart y

After reboot Dropbox shows its icon in system-tray, Caja shows overlay icon on ~/Dropbox folder and works correctly.

Note: this solution works on coming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS too.

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