I have a netbook style laptop with only 32 GB of SSD space. I do have a 128 GB SD card in this laptop as well.

When I install 18.04 on this thing in April how do I partition the SD card to be my /home folder? I will be performing a clean install, so no need to worry about transfer of data.

Is this a good practice or is there any negatives to this approach? It will greatly increase the size available for my home directory (obviously).

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    You must format the SD with a POSIX compliant filesystem: ext4 and ext3 are the most popular choices. Fat or any of the Windows filesystems will not work. I would though if I was you NOT do this. Put /home on the SSD and stuff your personal files n the SD (there is a file in .config where you can edit the location of the directories in /home/$USER. . Keep the system files on the SSD. – Rinzwind Feb 22 '18 at 18:59

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