How do I install three Snap Apps at the same time? Let's pick these three

  • Notes
  • Shout
  • Hangups


sudo snap install notes && sudo snap install shout && sudo snap install hangups


sudo snap install notes shout hangups



The second example you give works, on the proviso that all three use the same confinement model. If one of them requires the --classic confinement model, then it will need a separate install step.

So simply:-

snap install notes shout hangups

Will work. As you can see here:-

alan@hal:~$ snap install notes shout hangups
shout 0.53.0 from 'snapcrafters' installed
hangups 0.4.4 from 'tomdryer' installed
notes 0.9.0~gitb6e3b34 from 'notes-developers' installed
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It is possible just specify wherever is needed

sudo snap install slack --classic && sudo snap install skype --classic && sudo snap install spotify htop

Hope to help! :)

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