I have configured kubernet v1.9.3 in my Ubuntu 16.04LTS system. Master node was successfully created with an exception of kube-dns pod getting a connection refused issue.

I am getting the following exception in the logs:

Liveness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 503
Readiness probe failed: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused 

I have installed following flannel packages for networking:

clusterrole "flannel" created
clusterrolebinding "flannel" created
serviceaccount "flannel" created
configmap "kube-flannel-cfg" created
daemonset "kube-flannel-ds" created

Need to know why I am getting this connection refused error.


Could you please try below command :

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/coreos/flannel/blob/v0.8.0/Documentation/kube-flannel.yml -f https://github.com/coreos/flannel/blob/v0.8.0/Documentation/kube-flannel-rbac.yml

then try to list pods and check logs for kube-dns pod

  • Could you please elaborate on what these commands are doing? Randomly executing commands from strangers on the internet is not only extremely dangerous, it also doesn't help with getting ontop of the problem itself. – Michael Kargl Aug 18 '18 at 18:08

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