I'm creating tar file by running the script. Script is in folder A. I want to append the file into tar. The input file and tar file both are in folder B. When I am appending file to existing tar I have give absolute file path as it is in another folder and when its going to append into tar it should get renamed to the name I want.


  • Script location: /root/test/A
  • File location I want to add in tar: /root/myFolder/B/foo
  • Tar file location: /root/myFolder/B/archive.tar

While appending /root/myFolder/B/foo to archive.tar it should get renamed to bar.

I'm trying this command but no success:

tar --transform='flags=r;s|/root/myFolder/B/foo|bar|' -cf archive.tar /root/myFolder/B/foo

It's adding file as it is with same name /root/myFolder/B/foo.


The cause is tar automatically removing leading /:

tar: Removing leading `/' from member names

It seems it gets removed before the regex execution. So you need to remove the leading / in the pattern too:

tar --transform='flags=r;s|root/myFolder/B/foo|bar|' -cf archive.tar /root/myFolder/B/foo

or use -P switch

 -P, --absolute-names
       don't strip leading '/'s from file names

As an alternative you could switch to the files folder with -C, then you don't need to replace the path:

tar --transform='flags=r;s|foo|bar|' -cf archive.tar -C /root/myFolder/B/ foo
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