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How I can add ll alias to ls -l command.

I can not find .bashrc file in my home. I tried to add into .bashrc.user file, but it does not work.

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    something's not right if you don't have .bashrc. What's your setup and environment? – Zanna Feb 21 '18 at 12:23

The package bash is installed by default on every Ubuntu version and flavour and contains the file /etc/skel/.bashrc, which is copied into every new user's home directory, so you should definitely have a file ~/.bashrc. If you accidentally removed it you can restore it by copying it again:

cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/

The file already by default contains these lines:

# some more ls aliases
alias ll='ls -alF'
alias la='ls -A'
alias l='ls -CF'

Your alias is available when you source the bashrc with . ~/.bashrc or just open a new session.


If the .bashrc file doesn't exist, you can create it in your home :

nano ~/.bashrc

then you can add your alias inside :

alias ll='ls -l'

But as Zanna is suggesting, this is not normal if you don't have this file

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    ll is actually a default Ubuntu alias btw: grep 'alias ll=' .bashrc output: alias ll='ls -alF' – Zanna Feb 21 '18 at 12:39

You can create .bashrc file in your home directory. $vim ~/.bashrc $alias ll="ls -l" :wq To bring all modification in effect run following command $source .bashrc To see all alias you created run following command $alias

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