My laptop has 1TB of space. I have windows in it and then installed Ubuntu 16

both windows and Ubuntu with its partitions(two partitions: /(59GB) and /home(7GB)) are on disk 0 with 119GB space. The other disk (disk1) has 930 GB and is pretty much empty.

I want more space for my Ubuntu. I made a partition in disk1 of size 480GB of "unallocated space"

Now how do I move whole Ubuntu there? or at least /home partition?

I saw many tutorial but the majority have the unallocated space in the same disk while I want to move Ubuntu to another disk THEN expand it without losing any data

I also found a tutorial here, but many comments said it was "outdated" and I am not exactly an expert to be able to know what to do especially that any mistake could mean permanent data loss.

Here are screenshots of Gparted from my installed Ubuntu 16.04



And the same screenshots from Windows disk manager and from Gparted on an Ubuntu live usb (disk0 and disk1)

Which partitions should I move and how?


I used @Byte Commander 's advice and copied my home partition to disk1. enter image description here

Now the next steo was to edit /etc/fstab file but I dont know how to do so

I didnt know how to do it from the liveUSB so I just rebooted and did it from ubuntu.. what happened is literally this

The line I added: enter image description here

I added it first in liveusb but nothing happened so I did it in ubuntu I used the best answer there and erased the line I added

now what should I do? and how to edit /etc/fstab file? what to edit/add and in livrusb or from ubuntu?


  • You can not directly span one partition across multiple disks (you can using LVM, but setting that up is unnecessarily complex for your use case, I believe). So instead, I would recommend you to create a new ext4 partition on the sdb disk, then copy all files from your old /home there and edit your /etc/fstab file to use the new partition as home instead. After a reboot you can then delete the old home partition and expand your Ubuntu root partition with the now unallocated space on sda. How does that sound? – Byte Commander Feb 20 '18 at 13:01
  • brilliant! so it is actually possible to have /home and / in different disks! I thought it was impossible :D. I will try your solution. Thank you! – Gin Feb 20 '18 at 13:06
  • Some more details on moving /home. To move /home uses rsync- Be sure to use parameters to preserve ownership & permissions help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving – oldfred Feb 20 '18 at 14:58

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