On Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

Pulseaudio causes Xorg to use 100% CPU.

After disabling autospawn in /etc/pulse/client.conf and killing pulseaudio CPU immediately drops to acceptable level. After restarting pulseaudio Xorg returns to 100% CPU.

pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio --start

Installed versions:

pulseaudio 1:8.0-0ubuntu3.7
xorg       1:7.7+13ubuntu3
nvidia-390 390.30-0ubuntu1 

How to fix this?

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    I wonder how did you track the problem to the pulseaudio for the first time? I have absolutely the same trouble – valignatev Sep 1 '18 at 17:36

Could you assure set in



high-priority = no
realtime-scheduling = no
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  • I've tried setting both to "no", but it had no effect. – Jos Huisken Feb 22 '18 at 21:27
  • Worked for me on Arch Linux though, so thanks! – valignatev Sep 1 '18 at 23:53

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