I finally experienced the booting error in Ubuntu, where the screen turns blue and nothing works. I followed the first suggestion here and everything was fine:

  1. I pressed Crl+Alt+F1 and entered the terminal
  2. I run sudo dpkg --configure -a and it told me to restart everything

However, then I have the login screen that does not go forward, being stucked as it appears below. I am still wating for it, however it's been 1 hour since when it started again and I am skeptical that everthing will improve all of a sudden. Moreover the Crl+Alt+F1 after the boot does not work anymore, when I switch it on again. What might be happening?


Login page

  • That's not the login screen (the login screen lets you sign in to your username). I think that's called the startup screen. – wjandrea Feb 18 '18 at 17:08
  • Not exactly. The screen is not white, there is the Ubuntu logo with the four dots, but nothing happens. I tried to use BOOT repair (Recommended repari) and still, nothing works. – user8780 Feb 19 '18 at 0:41

Encountered same issue twice and observed that I was setting wrong PATH variable during setting $ANDROID_HOME, so here what I did to make it fix.

  1. Open terminal via ctrl+alt+f3.

  2. Since wrong path was set, I was not able to run command like sudo, ls etc, I have ran

    export PATH="/usr/bin:$PATH" 
  3. Then I run command

     sudo nano /etc/environment
  4. Removed all variables which was defined by me, leaving system's variable, I have typed

    export PATH="/usr/bin:$PATH" 
  5. And finally I ran

      sudo reboot

Hope this help, otherwise this problem occurs due to display drivers then please look at this Ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop

  • In my case it was impossible to proceed accordingly, as I was not able to access the terminal. I reinstalled everything. However, your suggestion could be useful. – user8780 Feb 21 '18 at 9:22

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