I am in a git enterprise environment and there is a git repo where I pull the whole code, build it using gulp.js and then copy the distribution to another repo, where I push it to remote.

I have automated all that in a bash script and whenever I execute sh gittogulp.sh it does that flawlessly. But when I use a cronjob to do that, it fails to pull new content from git and makes gulp.js builds from content that is already there.

I want to know, how can I pull from a git repo without manually triggering the script. Webhooks is not an option for me.

gittogulp.sh is:

cd ~/mainrepo
git checkout dev
git fetch
echo "Pulling latest code from git repo"
git pull

for commitid in $(git log --format="%h" -n 10)
    git checkout dev
    echo "git reset hard"
    git fetch --all
    git reset --hard origin/dev
    echo "Checkout commit id: ""$commitid"
    echo git checkout "$commitid"
    git checkout "$commitid"
    echo "Installing dependencies"
    npm install
    echo "Gulpifying the code"
    gulp dev
    if [ -d "$basefolder" ]; then

        versionrepo=`cat "$basefolder"/version.txt`
        echo "Version in repo: ""$versionrepo"

        if [ -d "$destfolder" ]; then
            echo "Latest outputs are already in place"
            echo "copying latest output to ""$destfolder"
            mkdir "$destfolder"
            cp -r "$basefolder" "$destfolder"
            echo "Making new zip from latest commit"
            echo zip -r "$zipdestpath" "$destfolder"
            zip -r "$zipdestpath" "$destfolder"

        echo "$basefolder"" : folder doesn't exist, exiting"

cd ~/outputrepo
git pull
git add .
git commit -m "adding new zip"
git push
  • What exactly is in the script? Have you kept the error output when run via cron, like in askubuntu.com/a/604036/158442? If not, do so and add the output to the question. – muru Feb 17 '18 at 9:01
  • I have added the script now. No, i have not added the logs, i didn't know that. i'll do it now and paste it here. – naqushab Feb 17 '18 at 9:47

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