I am on Ubuntu 17.10 I have downloaded a program for Linux, unzipped it and found it has no README, INSTALL or config folder. Hence, to make it runnable from the prompt I followed this: Install tar.gz , but no configure folder on install file

What I would like also to do, however, is to associate some extensions to the binary that I installed. As you would do by right-clicking on an extension, select "Open With Other Application" and selecting the app to run it. Unfortunately, the app I have installed is not listed in Ubuntt's list of applications.

Is there any way in which I can make the binary run every time I double-click on a file with a particular extension?

Bonus: may I have the app popping up in the GNOME app menu? (as if it was installed from the Software center or apt-get)

The program is Gephi (v 0.9.2)


Did you follow the installation process from the Gephi website ?


If you have java installed, you just have to use the command


from the folder where you untar the file

you can also just double click on this same file from the file manager

  • Yes and everything works with regards to that, having added it to path I can also run it typing gephi from everywhere. I was wondering more in general how I could add it as an application in the gnome window and how to associate its extensions to it. For instance, say I have a file abc.gexf, I want to double click on the file and have gephi starting and loading it. Do you think if that is possible? – leo_damico Feb 14 '18 at 11:45
  • Take a look at this thread : askubuntu.com/questions/289337/… I think this is what you're looking for – Félicien Feb 14 '18 at 12:30

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