DropBox icon replaced by a crossed red circle, but also no menu linked to it, it's a quite annoying problem.

I am searching for a solution for this DropBox icon on XUbuntu for many months/years. None of the tested solutions worked.

I had the problem on several machines, with several versions of XUbuntu.

Useful linked subjects (but solutions didn't worked for me):

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I fact, this solution, found in many places, was nearly the good one, but didn't worked for me... till I have the idea to make a very small modification : put something inside the quote, like "DROPBOX" ! (in fact, any text could certainly be ok).

  1. open /usr/bin/dropbox in an text editor (using sudo). For example on XUbuntu :

    sudo mousepad /usr/bin/dropbox

  2. after the line import os, add this line :


  3. save, then restart DropBox, or log out/in.

As far as I understand it, this prevents DropBox to find the system notification area, where it doesn't work, and forces it to directly use the main panel, where it works.

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