In search of a way to create another shortcut for restarting X server.

Mainly because I accidentally find myself doing CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE a lot.

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    Well, anything that (reproducibly) cripples or crashes the X Server to the point of requiring a restart should generally be reported as a bug. The developers did not intend X to crash on you! Use the ubuntu-bug application to report the issue. – user535733 Feb 13 '18 at 1:20
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There are two steps to requesting a feature like this.

  1. Has somebody already requested it?

    Take a look for similar 'Wishlist' bugs in the upstream bug tracker as well as Ubuntu's bug tracker at (launchpad.net). If there is already a bug, read it. If the bug is still open, subscribe to it.

  2. If you are the first, then file the Wishlist bug

Um...be aware that most upstream developers are often volunteers - they work features that interest them, and they tend to refuse (or ignore) requests for features that do not interest them.

Rather like agreeing to help paint your neighbor's fence - you might agree to do it out of altruism...and you might get bored and drift away from the project after a few minutes.

Of course, if you are skilled and wish to code the feature yourself, that's a different story!


This should do it 18.04. On terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.input-sources xkb-options "['terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp']"
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    As it is it does not seem to change the shortcut. – Pablo A Mar 29 at 3:39

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