I use autologin in Xubuntu 16.04. Because of that, my login keyring is not automatically unlocked, I know that can't be changed unless you set the password to empty.

But I would like to have a prompt each time after login, where I can enter the password (if I like to). So I guess I would need a simple terminal command, that I can set up in the startup settings that unlocks the key and displays a prompt to my GUI.

What command could I use?

  • sorry @Terrance, your comment does not make sense. I already said, that I won't set an empty pass because of the risks. And its of course not necessary to do it with the login, because always a tool needs a password from gnome-keyring you get this unlock prompt. – Jeno Feb 11 '18 at 16:22

Ok I found the solution. First, it looks like it is necessary to install libsecret-tools because there is no CLI command to access the gnome keyring using gnome-keyring (is that true? looks strange to me).

Then you can setup a password with:

secret-tool store --label=Unlocker type unlock-keyring

And call that password with:

secret-tool lookup type unlock-keyring

You will be prompted then, to enter the keyrings password and it will be unlocked.

Of course, you don't need to setup an extra "Unlock" password, thats a bit nonsense because its just used to force the keyring to unlock. You can also choose any of your existing passwords to unlock the keyring, but I liked it more this way.

For more infos about using secret-tools you can lookup this question as well: Is it possible to use secret-tool to lookup existing seahorse passwords?

If there is another solution without installing an extra secret-tool, I would like to hear that!

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