I wrote a batch file which establishing the connection to linux server which I am able to do so, after this I am trying to take the mysqldump to some certain directory, it has all 777 permissions but linux system ask me to "Enter Password" which is nothing but empty, and manually I need to press Enter, I just need to execute my script which just press Enter so that execution will happen automatically. Below are some details.

batch file:

plink.exe -ssh user@host -m command.txt


mysqldump -uve -p -R -E --single-transaction --databases mydb|gzip > /home/user/mydb_bkup.gz

This is the image which is prompting me to enter password: this is the image which is prompting me to enter password

Please provide me some inputs so that I can enter the password and execute my command automatically.


As far as I understand you, it's the command you're running that asks for password. Your line is:

mysqldump -uve -p -R -E --single-transaction --databases mydb|gzip > /home/user/mydb_bkup.gz

If we head over to man mysql, we read the following:

The password to use when connecting to the server. If you use the short option form (-p), you cannot have a space between the option and the password. If you omit the password value following the --password or -p option on the command line, mysql prompts for one.

You have not specified anything - because the shell threats space as an argument separator. Either set a password for the mysql user, remove -p from the command.txt file, or... modify your command to the following:

mysqldump -uve --password="" -R -E --single-transaction --databases mydb|gzip > /home/user/mydb_bkup.gz

Here we explicitly specify a blank password.

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  • This syntax mysqldump -u'user-name' -p'the-password' ... is also applicable. – pa4080 Feb 11 '18 at 16:33
  • Oh, I was not aware that -p'' would work. Thanks for the information :) – vidarlo Feb 11 '18 at 19:36
  • You can also just write the password straight after -p so something like this -pY0ur_PaSSW0Rd_9o3s_H3R3 – 3kstc Apr 1 '19 at 7:19

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