During boot, the OS would request my password to decrypt my disk but wouldn't detect my input. I tried following this solution: Cannot enter password to start Ubuntu

The solution essentially has you update boot parameters in /etc/default/grub and change splash to nosplash. After that you can run update-grub.

This did solve the issues but it creates a more extreme problem. Once I log in everything is super laggy (e.g. if I type a letter, it takes 10 seconds for the letter to appear).

  1. Why is this happening?

  2. What can I do to get around this?

  3. Before I knew this was the cause, I tried solving this by installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu. Interestingly, unless I selected the following install options I would run into the same problem: enter image description here

Why in the world would leaving Encrypt... and/or Use LVM unchecked cause major lag?

Additional Information:

System Hardware: i3-8100 – 8th gen, Ripjaws V 16gb DDR4, Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 chipset, 2x 4TB hard drives, evga 650W

lspci -nnk | grep -A3 -Fe '[0300]'
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Device [8086:3e91]
    DeviceName:  Onboard IGD
    Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Device [1458:d000]
    Kernel modules: i915

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