I've just moved to Ubuntu 16.04 desktop, I have added a bunch of search domains to the network settings (using Settings -> Network -> Wired -> Options... -> IPv4 Settings).

It seems to have picked up some of the domains I have added, but not all. I use quite a few domains at work so being able to add them all would be really useful. Is there a way to do this? /etc/resolv.conf seems to have 6 of the 10 domains that I had added so I'm assuming that 6 is the limit?

Thanks Guy


Yes, 6 domains with a maximum total of 256 characters is the maximum amount of search domains.

This is a limitation by the BIND DNS client library in GNU libc and is not easily changed.

See this great answer on Unix Stack Exchange for more information.

  • Thanks, that's a shame. Ok well I guess I can create a bunch of aliases for connections that I use frequently – Guy Goodrick Feb 15 '18 at 9:31
  • yes, I know.... – Robert Riedl Feb 15 '18 at 12:31

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