I am trying to add a monitor device to our network and in my mind it will go in between the firewall and main switch.

Internet ---- Firewall ---- New Monitor ---- Main Switch

I am going to run NtopNG on a linux box setup in a transparent bridge configuration. If my mind it should pass all traffic, but I am concerned that it will not push the vlan tagged traffic through.

  1. I have created the bride and added the interfaces
  2. Gave the bridge an IP address so I can connect remotely
  3. Put the device on a test network and its passing traffic fine, but I do not have any vlan traffic to test, other than my production environment.

Will a transparent bridge pass all traffic?

The main switch is a procurve, and the firewall/router is a ASA.


No, it won't work that way. You will need multiple bridges, one for each vlan.

See: https://serverfault.com/questions/414115/linux-vlans-over-bridge

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    Could you perhaps include the most important details from the link here? – Zanna Apr 12 '18 at 18:23
  • But.. why would I copy another StackExchange question into this one? That seems redundant. I understand if it's just a website / blog post but it's not. – Tony Maro Mar 27 '19 at 15:57

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