I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and I am using HTTP proxy to connect to the INTERNET in my university. I have edited my hosts file as below       localhost       user-PE62-7RD     mail.com www.mail.com

but when i type mail.com in Firefox it goes to mail.com site rather than to ip specified. But when i ping with terminal it is pinging correct IP. And also i can access the Web App on the server using IP address but not the local domain name


If you using [Manual Proxy configuration], adding the domain "mail.com" or host "www.mail.com" to [No Proxy for] field in your example will solve the problem. Firefox sends proxy request before resolving the hosts file or dns.

  • You should explain more about what [Manual Proxy configuration] is and where it can be found. – Paul Feakins Apr 12 at 10:49

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