What I've tried so far:

sudo apt install git
git clone https://github.com/F1ash/dnscrypt-proxy-gui

And I think it only downloaded the source code (?).

I also tried make but it doens't seem to work.


First install cmake:

sudo apt-get install cmake

Or install the latest version of cmake by visiting cmake.org and downloading the latest source distribution.

sudo apt-get install build-essential
tar -xf cmake-3.10.2.tar.gz
cd cmake-3.10.2
sudo apt-get install checkinstall
sudo checkinstall

And you need these to be able to compile DNSCrypt-Proxy-GUI:

sudo apt-get install extra-cmake-modules
sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev
sudo apt-get install libkf5auth-dev
sudo apt-get install libkf5notifications-dev
sudo apt-get install qtbase5-private-dev

Download the latest DNSCrypt-Proxy-GUI from here

tar -xf  dnscrypt-proxy-gui-1.11.11.tar.gz
cd dnscrypt-proxy-gui-1.11.11
sudo cmake ./
sudo checkinstall

Now run DNSCrypt-Proxy-GUI with:


Helpful links:

How to install cmake 3.2 on Ubuntu


What package do I need to build a Qt 5 & CMake application?

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