I installed Java9 as described here. This works without any problems for any projects I tried without JavaFX. Unfortunately my company runs its UIs with JavaFX and those packages seem to be missing.

I also evaluated using the openjdk plus the openjfx package, but this does not exist for Java9 yet.

What would be the way to install Java9 with JavaFX?

  • According to the Oracle website, JavaFX is included with standard JDK and JRE bundles since 7u6. So if you have installed JDK 9 you should also have JavaFX. Are you sure you are using the JDK 9 you have installed? – gsxruk Feb 2 at 8:12
  • Yes, I am sure. Running java -version gives java 9.0.4. – tgr Feb 2 at 9:22
  • In that case, it may be worth considering updating your question to include information about what you are trying. For example, is the problem occurring during compiling or when trying to launch an application? Are any errors given and if so, what are they? Etc. – gsxruk Feb 2 at 12:24
  • Please post the complete output of java -version since it's crucial to see which version of JDK you have installed (you posted a link to instructions for OpenJDK 8 and the java version is 9.x). – Karl Richter Jul 13 at 17:35

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