I'm new to Ubuntu and linux in general, but I know a few things. I've tried doing basically everything I've seen online: videos, similar questions in here, etc.

I first tried using Additional Drivers and installed the proprietary driver (nvidia-384) and once I did, I rebooted and I got a black screen with a flashing white text. So, I've uninstalled all nvidia drivers by using (apt-get purge nvidia*) and kept trying, and doing the same process over and over again with every driver showing under additional drivers. Not only have I used the Additional Drivers, but I've manually tried doing it in terminal, and nothing worked. Any suggestions? Thanks. Oh and I'm also running Ubuntu 17.10.


  • CPU: AMD A10 7600
  • GPU: Nvida GTX 750ti
  • Memory: 8gb

Here's what my Additional Drivers look like: enter image description here

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