Ubuntu 17.10 (xorg), gnome 3.26.2, Firefox 58.0 (64 bit). I have installed gnome-shell-extensions, chrome-gnome-shell, and the browser add ons for both Google Chrome and for Firefox. In Firefox the only add on/extension I have installed is gnome-shell-integration.

The integration with https://extensions.gnome.org works just fine with Google Chrome. However, with Firefox, I keep getting this error message: "Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector."

What must I do to make this work with Firefox?

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  • What's your chrome-gnome-shell version? (Output of apt-cache policy chrome-gnome-shell | grep -i installed?) – pomsky Jan 29 '18 at 6:00
  • pomsky: 9-0ubuntu1 – dln949 Mar 11 '18 at 17:07
  • Looks like it is non-reproducible, OP mentioned in their answer that it started working on its own after some days. – pomsky Oct 2 '18 at 11:41
  • Shortly after I stated that it started working on its own, the original problem returned. Since then it has never worked for me. – dln949 Oct 2 '18 at 15:12
  • Oh, that's not good. Hope you have switched to a supported version (e.g. 18.04) already as 17.10 is past its EoL and now it's working with an updated version of Firefox. – pomsky Oct 2 '18 at 15:17

maybe - the easiest way is to install:

sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell 


cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell 

if there is NO such folder, then please:

mkdir ~/.local/share/gnome-shell


cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell
mkdir extensions

and extract your downloaded .zip file from the homepage of gnome-extensions to the extensions folder by clicking on the zip file and show hidden files and folders by either pressing ctrl+h or clicking on the upper right symbol with the 3 lines and choosing show all files/hidden files (I do not exactly know the English text version).

Then open up your files - choose other locations - look for hidden files and folders again and click on .local and then upon share and then upon gnome-shell and then upon extensions and RIGHT-click upon the file metadata.json and open with some text-editor and at the bottom after uuid please enter /home/username/.local/share/gnome-extensions/ where username is your real username... or in your sub-folder you MAY have created in case you want to use several extensions more..

Then, please restart your computer.

Although this sounds a little weird this got my gnome-extensions (in this case suspend-button) to work properly (after 1 hour work , haha :))


I don't know if I should mark this as an answer.....

For the past couple months, I could not get the browser add-on to work in Firefox as I described in my original post. Day after day I would try, but it would not work. Now, today (March 11, 2018) it works for some unknown, mysterious reason.

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