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Top new questions this week:

Using CLI "mail" command

I feel a little silly asking this question... as the answer may be quite simple... but searching here on AU, or on Google, or man mail, hasn't given me the answer. If I start mail, I see this: "/...

command-line mail 21.10 sendmail  
asked by heynnema 8 votes
answered by heynnema 7 votes

How to turn a PDF grayscale in Ubuntu?

I have a pdf (having multiple pages) containing some colorful certificates, and need a black and white (grayscale) version of it. Is there any way to make it grayscale with a single command, or with ...

asked by Archisman Panigrahi 7 votes
answered by Vincent Fourmond 2 votes

How to update telegram desktop in Ubuntu 20.04?

Today December 2nd I received this message from Telegram service notifications about my outdated Desktop app version: Please update your app to the latest version. The version you are using is out of ...

20.04 telegram  
asked by Camilo Bohórquez 6 votes
answered by cocomac 2 votes

How to install Steam in 20.04 focal

Tried to install steam-installer with Ubuntu Software, got this very helpful error: Then I tried the command line: $ sudo apt install steam-installer Some packages could not be installed. This may ...

asked by user1785730 5 votes
answered by Organic Marble 4 votes

Swappiness on WSL2 gets reset to 60

I recently tried installing Ubuntu on Windows (WSL2). I tried the free command, and few blocks of swap memory were utilized. I thought of reducing the swappiness so I added the entry vm.swappiness=10 ...

swap windows-subsystem-for-linux system-settings  
asked by Deekshith Anand 4 votes
answered by NotTheDr01ds 5 votes

Problems in powering off ubuntu 20.04

When I want to turn off my laptop It doesn't power off. The screen power off, but the laptop still making noise, and the work indicator is on. It powers off when the battery becomes empty. I don't ...

20.04 shutdown  
asked by DaSal 3 votes
answered by Shawn 0 votes

Is it possible to stop windows from getting focus in i3 window manager? X11

Is it possible to stop windows (applications) from getting focus? For example when I launch discord, it steals focus multiple times, while I would like to be able to continue typing in my terminal, ...

xorg focus  
asked by spykyvenator 3 votes
answered by spykyvenator 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Installing Broadcom Wireless Drivers

I'm having serious problems installing the Broadcom drivers for Ubuntu. It worked perfectly on my previous version, but now, it is impossible. What are the steps to install Broadcom wireless drivers ...

networking drivers wireless software-installation broadcom  
asked by Fer1805 380 votes
answered by Luis Alvarado 429 votes

Uninstall GRUB and use Windows bootloader

I have Windows 8 pre-installed, and then I installed GRUB with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is not my thing, so now I want to remove it along with GRUB. From what I have learned, with UEFI, GRUB does not overwrite ...

boot dual-boot grub2 windows bootloader  
asked by mrolive 190 votes
answered by armadadrive 352 votes

Why does "(base)" appear in front of my terminal prompt?

I'm wondering why I have (base) on the left of my terminal prompt. If I run source ~/.profile in the terminal, it disappears. If I close that terminal and reopen a new terminal, (base) is there ...

command-line bash bashrc prompt anaconda  
asked by Jimmy 208 votes
answered by steeldriver 111 votes

How do I save terminal output to a file?

How do I save the output of a command to a file? Is there a way without using any software? I would like to know how.

asked by led-Zepp 1155 votes
answered by Seth 1366 votes

How can I install Sun/Oracle's proprietary Java JDK 6/7/8 or JRE?

I want to install Oracle's JRE and to update to the latest version with the Software Updater when they released. Is there a Ubuntu package that is provided by Canonical or Oracle? Before release Java ...

java software-installation jdk jre  
asked by Benjamin 573 votes
answered by fossfreedom 904 votes

How to delete a non-empty directory in Terminal?

How do I delete the following directory? I typed: rmdir lampp This error comes up: rmdir: failed to remove `lampp': Directory not empty Is there a command to delete all the files in the directory ...

asked by naveen 743 votes
answered by Shantanu Banerjee 1043 votes

How do I open a text file in my terminal?

There is a file named RESULTS.txt and I want to open this file in my terminal. (I mean I want to see the file contents be displayed in the terminal and not in some text editor) How do I do that ?

command-line files text-editor  
asked by Suhail Gupta 187 votes
answered by Thomas15v 224 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Terminal has extra spaces between characters on Ubuntu 21.04

I use ubuntu 21.04 and my terminal has extra spaces between characters. Here is a screenshot of my terminal I checked preferences and settings but couldn't find any option to fix it. It also opens in ...

command-line gnome-terminal  
asked by Mahdi Jafari 1 vote

how to restore formatting to libreoffice writer comments

In the attached image you can see that the lines connecting the comments to the edited text have become white on white. Also the commenters were all color coded before, but now all white on back ...

asked by paddyg 1 vote
answered by paddyg 0 votes

Hunting down qpaeq graphic equalizer preset files

I'm using pulseEQ on Ubuntu 20.04. I get qpaeq up and running and the GUI isn't great. I have sliders with no axis values. I download my equalizer preset from github/autoEQ, but there's no good way ...

pulseaudio filesystem  
asked by Salmon 1 vote
answered by Salmon 0 votes
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