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Top new questions this week:

File manager that doesn't freeze when working with SMB shares?

I work at a company that uses Samba for file sharing, which means that I rely on it a lot throughout the day. Unfortunately, the service provider of the VPN has not been able to cope with the traffic ...

nautilus samba nemo  
asked by C. E. 5 votes

Audio is pitched down by 40Hz

i have a weird problem. Whenever I'm lounching Age of Empires 2 Definitiv Edition out of Steam (via Steam Play / Proton) the audio output of my Computer pitched down by 40 Hz (I can tell it's 40, ...

sound 20.04 pulseaudio alsa steam  
asked by ru-fus 4 votes

Cannot update software because of grub-efi-amd64-signed unmet dependency

I am using Ubuntu 20.10. I did a clean install about 2 weeks ago. I have been updating my software regularly without any issues until today. I ran the Software Updater and got this error: Transaction ...

dependencies update-manager grub-efi  
asked by N Jensen 4 votes
answered by JulienCzz 2 votes

grub-install fails on ubuntu 20.04.1

Today I did update my system which was originally installed following Ubuntu 20.04 Root on ZFS. While updating, I see that there is an update for grub, which failed to run the included grub-install. ...

grub2 20.04 grub-efi zfs  
asked by digrouz 4 votes
answered by isienmai 5 votes

How to find all files containing only hex zeroes

I am using 20.04. I had some disk problems which I solved by using fsck. However, this left me with a configuration file that was the correct size but contained only hex '00' throughout instead of ...

files find  
asked by ubnewb 4 votes
answered by steeldriver 6 votes

Installing 32-bit libnvidia-gl alongside 64-bit version

Because the steam client for linux has 32-bit binaries only, I want to install libnvidia-gl:i386 on my 64-bit Ubuntu OS. However, if I do this, the package manager wants to un-install cuda-11. However,...

nvidia steam cuda  
asked by Bram 4 votes

Users who are logged in more than 2 times - bash script

I'm trying to write a script that will check if users (as arguments) are logged more than one time simultaneously. So far I have a script then checks the first argument and it works fine. But how do I ...

bash scripts users  
asked by GSaple 4 votes
answered by steeldriver 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I use docker without sudo?

On Docker's documentation pages, all example commands are shown without sudo, like this one: docker ps On Ubuntu, the binary is called It also does not work without sudo: sudo ...

asked by Flimm 904 votes
answered by Rinzwind 1281 votes

Command for determining my public IP?

If I check with google, I can see my public IP. Is there something on the Ubuntu command-line which will yield me the same answer?

asked by kfmfe04 712 votes
answered by Michael K 1013 votes

How do I run .sh scripts?

Whenever I open a .sh file, it opens it in gedit instead of the terminal. I can't find any option similar to Right Click → Open With → Other Application... → Terminal. How do I open this file in the ...

command-line bash scripts execute-command  
asked by Alex 402 votes
answered by karthick87 610 votes

Why does "(base)" appear in front of my terminal prompt?

I'm wondering why I have (base) on the left of my terminal prompt. If I run source ~/.profile in the terminal, it disappears. If I close that terminal and reopen a new terminal, (base) is there ...

command-line bash bashrc prompt anaconda  
asked by Jimmy 168 votes
answered by steeldriver 85 votes

How do I move all files from one folder to another using the command line?

I would like to know how could I move all files from a folder to another folder with a command line. Let's say I'm in my Downloads folder and there are a 100 files that I would like to move to my ...

asked by Michael 328 votes

How do I find the amount of free space on my hard drive?

Is there a way to quickly check the amount of free / used disk space in Ubuntu? I would assume you could right click on 'file system' in the file browser and choose 'properties' or something but ...

hard-drive disk-usage  
asked by greg 592 votes
answered by lgarzo 613 votes

How to increment a variable in bash?

I have tried to increment a numeric variable using both var=$var+1 and var=($var+1) without success. The variable is a number, though bash appears to be reading it as a string. Bash version 4.2.45(1)...

asked by user221744 689 votes
answered by Radu Rădeanu 1072 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Warning: iptables-legacy tables present

I have migrated my Ubuntu Focal server firewall backend from legacy iptables to netfilter, by running update-alternatives --set iptables /usr/sbin/iptables-nft and rebooting the server. Now all tables ...

networking iptables firewall nftables  
asked by iBug 1 vote

How to track time using zeitgeist in Ubuntu 20.04

I have no clue how to use zeitgeist after installing it with apt. It seems to be a tracker that dumps the data somewhere but there is no viewer!! The so called “GNOME Activity Journal” and zeitgeist-...

20.04 zeitgeist time-management  
asked by Q. Yu 1 vote
answered by N0rbert 0 votes

Why is my 20.04 System Sounds volume slider non-functional?

In my Sound settings interface, ostensibly I can separately adjust the volume of System Sounds, such as the alert notification sound. But adjusting this slider--even setting it to mute--has no effect. ...

pulseaudio volume-control  
asked by BipedalShark 1 vote
answered by TheGiantHogweed 0 votes
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