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comment Excessive Power Consumption by ethernet socket
Thanks @mchid, I have an Ivybridge CPU and I had Thermald installed with pstate enabled when I had problems. I believe I have been having problems for longer than I realized, probably after installing the Intel Graphics installer and made worse by the recent Intel update. My CPU temp was rarely below 65C and my fans never off. Going back to default drivers and bumblebee along with Thermald and TLP has got me back to a silent laptop, <50C temp and less than 10W power usage. If you’re not already using it, I’d strongly recommend TLP as well.
comment Excessive Power Consumption by ethernet socket
Thanks, I installed Zenmap and Etherape and I have added a picture of the running services that Zenmap found. I do use a printer and Windows network, I couldn't really see anything else there. I also ran Etherape for a while, but again saw nothing odd (that I could tell).
comment How can I keep recent files from appearing in Unity?
This no longer works in 13.04, despite being blacklisted, items still show up in the Dash.
comment Evolution in 12.10 painfully slow
Thanks for the response. But no, it isn't IMAP just standard POP inboxes (I have several email addresses) that are affected.
comment Install Ubuntu 12.04 64bits on dell XPS 14 ultrabook
Had the same problem and resolved it with Martin's answer, thanks. To answer JDS's question; the XPS 14 works perfectly from install, arguably better than windows 8. In Ubuntu the trackpad works, wireless works great (both 2.4 and 5GHz), sleep and hibernate both work hitherto without problems (I get the BSOD often when resuming from sleep in Windows 8). Graphics worked fine, however Ubuntu didn't detect my Nvidia graphics card which meant it was on all the time and affecting battery life (2-3h), installation of bumblebee corrected this and turned off the card and battery life is now 5-6 hours.
comment Evolution in 12.10 painfully slow
I was using 3.6.0 up until a few days days ago and unfortunately have had these problems since I installed 12.10, then 3.6.2 came through via Update Manager so I eagerly updated hoping it would solve all my problems. However it didn't make any difference whatsoever, everything was just the same, so I thought I'd post here.
comment Nautilus Opens Devices on Every Log in
Fixed it, although there doesn't seem to be a way to do this via Ubuntu itself. I had to use Ubuntu Tweak and set it not to open folder automatically under Tweaks > File Manager. Of course this now means that when I insert a removable drive I have to open Nautilus manually, shame it is either or, but that seems to be the way of it with 12.10.