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Mentally challenged would be an understatement. I am addicted to Computers and technology. I can not seem to stop digging in deeper and deeper into any system I get my hands onto. I have systems up and running from the commodore 64 and first apple set ups to to my newest member , my i7 custom build. I am working on an amd 8 core right now as well and I just freaking love hurting my brain. I amazingly run into things that should be so simple but I get stumped and it drives me nuts especially when I can set up my systems to do anything I want . Right now I am in a render farm set up to be able to utilize the processing power of my smallest to my largest machine. Talk about a throttling nightmare.

Anyways I had a social life but she left so I am happy again (just kidding sort of.) I do get out and enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets ..hahha had ya yeah right screw the walks I have a system to rip apart and someone needs their laptop repaired and damn there is a new build of backtrack ohh jesus So much for today

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