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comment accidentally deleted *some* of /var, but have an old backup, how can I fix this?
Thanks for this suggestion. I realise that it's the obvious solution, but I'm reticent to resort to this due to the lengthy setup time of this machine. Although I have adequate backups, I don't have the space to backup all the media on this htpc, so this is a difficult response. Anyway, as you can see above, I've managed to get to the desktop now, so I'm hoping there's also less need to be so drastic.
comment MythTV lost recordings - “No recordings available” and no recording rules either
I enabled the updated repos in Mythbuntu Control Centre. No joy, even after a backend restart. After a computer restart, however, it was fixed. I don't know whether the updates or the restart cured it, but I'm awarding the answer anyway.
comment aplay -l says no soundcards found; alsaconf says no supported cords; yet /proc/asound contains cards
I'll accept this answer, as it's probably the right sort of suggestion. I cured it in the end by simply moving to 12.04LTS, which brought me kicking and screaming into the present.